Vendors, Vendors, Vendors!

Think of all the people you’ll need with you on your wedding day. The coordinator, photographer, caterer, florist. And there are so many of each to choose from! So how do you know which vendors to decide on? Here are a few things to keep in mind when meeting with potential vendors.
Note the level of professionalism they use in conversation and paperwork. Are they customer-oriented? Are they enthusiastic about your wedding? Do they return phone calls and emails quickly? Look at their experience or training and check out some of their past work. Impressed?

Before you sign contracts, READ THEM THOROUGHLY! Make sure the hours of service or product details, payment policies, and cancellation policies are listed in writing as you discussed them.

Do your homework! Check out sites like,, and for reviews on your local vendors. See what other brides write about their experiences with vendors you’re considering.
And with every vendor you hire, don’t forget to communicate the details!
Follow up often.

Vendors love what they do and care about each and every couple they speak to. If a vendor has set aside time to meet with you, don’t stand them up! If you are going to be late or can’t make the appointment just give them a call.  If you decide to book with someone else, be sure to let them know with a quick call or simple email. There may be other brides looking to book them on the date they have saved for you.  Be honest with them let them know why you didn’t book with them.  They appreciate your honesty and your follow through!

Happy Planning!