Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Planner – Magical Monday

Happy, happy “Magical Monday!”

It’s been quite a long while since we have shared about just what exactly we do here at Fairy Godmother, so let us tell you what differentiates a wedding planner from a venue coordinator.

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A “Venue Coordinator”, also known as a “site coordinator,” is someone assigned to your event from your venue. While this person has you in their interests, their loyalty lies with their venue. The Venue Coordinator takes care of things like the tables, chairs, the grounds, etc. not necessarily you or your guests. Venue Coordinators do not attend your wedding if it is offsite, they do not assist with pushy guests or uncooperative bridesmaids, and they do not help design and plan your wedding day.

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A “Wedding Planner” Your Wedding Planner is with you on your day, and those leading up to, and even soon after! A Wedding Planner is there to help you not only plan your wedding, but also to design the overall style of your day. Lighting, linens and florals are aspects that a planner ensures reflect your desired theme is portrayed correctly. Wedding Planners not only keep a balanced register of costs, but they will also attend meetings with D.J.’s, caterers, venues, etc. to assist in the planning process, in it’s entirety.

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The wedding industry has taken the fast track when it comes to implementing new programs, new techniques and new ways to continue advancement. In addition to creating new ways for things to run smoother and more efficiently, the industry has modified job titles and descriptions so there is no grey area to what should be expected.

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“Wedding Day Management,” previously known as “Day Of Coordinator,” is sometimes all you need! A “Day Of” coordinator is running the event just as you planned it, while doing it seamlessly! Your wedding day manager is more than their title, they are your mediator, orchestrator, consultant, organizer and friend all in one! Managers also create detailed timelines for your wedding day, along with pre-wedding day appointments to compose a clear and mutual understanding of how you want your wedding day to be.

The main goal is to provide clients with the difference of these titles, as they are most often incredibly misconstrued.

Here at Fairy Godmother, our goal is to provide the most magical day possible for our clients through the execution of collaboration with clients, their families, and vendors. Together, we share the common goal of providing impeccable memories through a perfectly seamless event.

At Fairy Godmother, “we bring a fairytale feeling to everything we do.”