Wedding Favors

One of the most noted ways of thanking guests for attending your wedding, is giving out wedding favors. Wedding favors, usually consisting of candy in a cute little box. But don’t you want to make these a little more personal and long lasting? Instead of just putting candy at each guests place setting, make it a more meaningful thank you gift.

The best wedding favor I have seen was when the bride and groom had water glasses made with their names and the date of their wedding on them. They placed each glass at the guest’s spots and filled them with M&M’s. It was an ingenious idea, and really nice for the guests, who could then keep the memento. Another good idea was when a bride and groom, who were married at Christmas, gave their guests Christmas ornaments with their names and the wedding date on the ribbon used for hanging the ornament.

Just little ideas like those make a huge difference with the guests. They feel more appreciated. Plus it is fun to get more creative with wedding favors. This is not a necessity, but it is a nice touch to add to your special day’s reception.