Wedding MBA Fairy Dust – Magical Monday

The wedding industry is a tough business! Did you know that less than a fraction of the wedding planners actually make it?

That’s why we take every opportunity to further our education in this “happy business!”

Last year, the Fairies of Fairy Godmother dusted off their fairy wings and headed out for Las Vegas, NV!

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Sometimes the most obvious things appear in your life, I mean… We have photo evidence! By the way, have you heard about our job title yet?



The wedding industry is ever-changing and we are forever learning!

With each event proving to be a new experience, there are no two events that are ever the same!




To stay up on the latest trends, in the loop on current marketing strategies, and find ways to better our workloads we have been privileged enough to join Wedding MBA, also known as the Wedding Merchants Business Academy.

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With information flowing from all directions, the Fairies got to listen to the seminars given by the best of speakers, including but not limited to Brit Bertino, designer of the Totty Belt! She is a designer, event producer, industry speaker and mentor!

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While it is like going to school, there is a difference in attending the WMBA… It DOES include fun and games!

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Of course, no event would be the same if there wasn’t any mingling!

The Fairies got to browse all the booths, and even came across their friends at Be Inspired PR!



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In case you were wondering, you should know that we didn’t leave until we left our mark on WMBA Las Vegas!


The Fairies couldn’t pass up a photo opportunity with the one and only, Timothy Chi! Timothy is the CEO of WeddingWire, one of the most trusted wedding sites! Talk about starstruck!


At the WMBA, there is an evening where all of the planners get together and let loose at a cocktail party!

This gaves the Fairy Godmothers a chance to break out their finest outfits and heels!

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The Fairies were even greeted by these characters, can you say Vogue?


Sweet treats and glitter are two of our favorite things! We were so lucky to indulge on these cake pops!


Fairies have needs! Fairy Godmother Colleen adds whipped cream to her coffee, and ALL the Fairy Godmothers NEED their coffee!

Did we mention that the Fairies have a thing for chocolate, as well??

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After departing the 2015 WMBA conference, we could only get geared up and ready for the next year!

We are gearing up to return to Las Vegas, this will be our third year in attendance!