Wedding Traditions The Bouquet

Some traditions are real. And like anything in human history, many traditions have evolved from old ideas that we may see as a little strange today. For all of history, the joining of a bride and groom, and the establishment of a new household, has been viewed as such an important development that a great deal of superstition has cropped up around the event.

Bridal bouquets are not just beautiful accessories:  The wedding bouquet and veil both originated as ways for the bride to ward off evil.

Did you ever consider walking down the aisle clutching a bundle of garlic and dill?  Until modern times, brides did carry garlic and dill. The practice probably originated from the time of the Plague, when people clutched the herbs over their noses and mouths in a desperate effort to survive.

Survivors of great tragedy can affix tremendous protective powers to anything that has provided comfort, and the herbs made it into the ceremony marking renewal. Over time, brides added better-smelling flora to the arrangement, and a whole dictionary of meaning arose to define each type of blossom.

This practice, as it turned out, was devised as a way to actually physically protect the bride from the wedding guests.

Flowers are incorporated into the wedding ceremony as a symbol of fertility. The first bouquets consisted of herbs and, later, orange blossoms.

We love bouquets and get so excited when they arrive.  They are all so beautiful and so unique.

Something fun about all of the photos below…..every photo posted are photos of our bride’s flowers and a few bridal party flowers.

If you are a FG bride do you see you bouquet?

Thank you Flower Bar, House of Flowers, Uniquely Chic and White Oaks Florist for you amazing talent!  Your work is beautiful!

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