It is Wedding Wednesday where we share tips and idea’s, today’s post is very special!

It it Wedding Wednesday……

On Wedding Wednesday’s we will share tips and techniques in the wedding business.

Part Three…….We are excited to share with you “real live” thoughts from our past Fairy Godmother Brides their advice on things they would do differently.

I would have put the bar by the entry way.
Wish we would have had more time, possibly an hour later.
Insist the lighting guy stays with the lights and knows what he is doing.
Start earlier to have more time at the reception.
We would have started sooner, so we had more time to dance and visit with people.
Would have had a photo list.
I would have made more TO DO list’s, felt a little disorganized the last week of the wedding.
I would have met with the Piano player, to go over things with him.
I spent too much time on the ceremony planning.
I would have listened to my FG and took better care to hire a DJ that was professional.
I would have had better directions to the location for the guests.
I would have worn my shoes several days leading up to the wedding, even climbed mountains in them.
I would not have waited to pack until the very last minute.
I would have given myself more time the week before the wedding.
We would have chosen a bigger venue for our reception.
We would have moved the cake out on to the dance floor. No one had a chance to see us cut the cake.
Paid more attention to the appetizers after church.
I would have liked to decorate more.
Get more things in writing.
Be more direct when it comes to the florist.
I would have put more money into my photographer.
Not have the reception hall so crowded with tables.
I would not have done so many things by myself.
I had a lot of hand crafted items that took me too long. We threw so much of it away.
Hired a Limo.
Left before the guests left.
Put more money in the photographer. I should have made a list of must have photos.
I would have touched up my make-up more it was so shinny.
I would have been pickier about my hair.
I would have asked for a few more emotional type photos.
I would have been better with time management, I would have rushed Silvia more during make-up Toasts were too long. We would have talked to them before the toast to make sure they were shorter.
I should have hired a make-up and hair person.
Missed table touching, didn’t get to visit with guests very much. Wished I would have made more time to do this.
Larger dance floor.
Photos with bridal party and photos with guests, wished I would have done.
Wished I would have had a sign for photo booth or had more guests use it.

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