Wedding Coordinator Assistants

Definition of an assistant (n) · Bing Dictionary


[ ə sístənt ]

helper: somebody who works to somebody else’s instructions, often in a paid capacity

  1. helping: another person
  2. helpful: serving to help or be useful

Today’s Blog is dedicated to our Fairy Godmother Assistants!  They are quite simply amazing truly amazing!

We could not do what we do without them.

They take orders fast, think quick on their feet with little direction, read our minds and do it all with a smile!

Our Assistants are our Future Fairy Godmother Coordinators, they are dynamos and I am so proud to have each one of them on our team!

Thank you Stephanie, Cassandra, Phillarie, and Liliana for always bringing that

“Fairy Tale Feeling To Everyone You Come In Contact With”