Welcoming Explorer Travel & Tours! – Fairy Godmother Friday

The “Happiest Place in Bakersfield” has grown, again!

We are so excited to share that Leland and Pamela of Explorer Travel and Tours have joined us as our final tenants of the 20th Street Cottage community room, designed by Jamie Urner Interior Designs!

The purpose of a community room is to allow professionals the comfort of an office, without paying the office price.

These rooms are shared space that is there when they need them without trying to have a conversation over blenders, the normalities of a coffee shop, or other little nuances that may arise in public space. 

Explorer Travel & Tours 20th Street Cottage

Leland and his gorgeous wife Pamela branched out of their daily lives to create something different. Leland being a professional firefighter and Pamela, a college professor, started Explorer Travel and Tours

20th Street Cottage Leland Davis

Leland and Pamela have one mission. It is simple and absolutely selfless… “This business allows us to help those who help others. We love to support church, mission, educational, and various charitable organizations with travel needs worldwide.”

 20th Street Cottage Leland Davis

Together, they began giving couples, and large groups, the trip of a lifetime through travel planning!

Their company, Explorer Travel & Tours, offers the best travel experience from start to finish that any company could! 

20th Street Cottage Leland Davis

Leland hasn’t always been one of Bakersfield’s premier travel agents. In fact, Leland is one of Bakersfield’s lead fire engineers! 

In addition to being successful, and generous, business owners, Leland and Pamela are incredibly active with their family! Taking trips and sharing experiences with their loved ones is a top priority.

20th Street Cottage Leland Davis

 On behalf of everyone at the 20th Street Cottage, we are proud to share our happy place with Explorer Travel and Tours!