Welcoming Marianne Lucas-Polina – Fairy Godmother Friday

The “Happiest Place in Bakersfield” is steadily growing from the inside out!

We would love to welcome Marianne Lucas-Polina and her great talent of photography to our community room!

20th Street Cottage

If you haven’t heard of a community room, let us tell you why they are SO awesome!

The purpose of a community room is to allow professionals the comfort of an office, without paying the office price. These rooms are shared space that is there when they need them without trying to have a conversation over blenders, the normalities of a coffee shop, or other little nuances that may arise in public spaces.

The 20th Street Cottage Community Room is a warm, well-decorated space that gives Marianne and her clients a quiet, personalized area to spread out and talk business!

20th Street Cottage Community Room, designed by Jamie Urner Interior Design.

The community room at the 20th Street Cottage, designed by Jamie Urner Interior Design.

Marianne and Victor are a husband and wife team that are providing not only photography but also cinema! When you get to share what you love, with who you love, it can only be assumed that there is going to be an abundant amount of passion and pride in their work.

Marianne & Victor by Makenzie Photography

Marianne & Victor by Makenzie Photography

Aside from being fabulous photogs and cinematographers, Marianne and Victor are parents to four beautiful girls!

They enjoy spending their spare time camping, going to the movies, shopping online and playing basketball!

Marianne & Victor Family by Makenzie Photography

Marianne & Victor with their girls. Photo by Makenzie Photography.

We are so happy to share our special place with Marianne and Victor, be sure to come and knock on our red door if you’re in the neighborhood to meet her!