Welcoming Thumbs Up, Cancer Down – Fairy Godmother Friday

Happy “Fairy Godmother Friday!”

For this Fairy Godmother Friday, we are giving the warmest of welcomes to the team behind”Thumbs Up Cancer Down,” as they have joined us at the 20th Street Cottage! 

We take great pride in our little home away from home… It’s not just our office, but our happy place!

It’s not just our office, but our happy place!

When you have a place as happy as the 20th Street Cottage, it only makes sense that we will the rooms of our quaint little cottage with the happiest of people!

Thumbs Up Cancer Down” is a local non-profit organization that first started in 2014 when Kevin saw a photo on Facebook. This photo was of two cancer patients with their thumbs up, cue every emotion, for Kevin it was the beginning of something amazing.  

This confirms that the best of ideas can be sparked from something as simple as a photo! 

Naythan & David Original Thumbs Up, Cancer Down Photo

This is the original photo that sparked Thumbs Up, Cancer Down. Source.

Together, Kevin and co-founder Cody set out on a mission. To help those battling cancer. They have found not one, not two, but a multitude of ways to do so! The organization can be found at many public events, and of course online! They raise funds through selling gear including but not limited to… shirts, t-shirts, and the Thumbs Up, Cancer Down original “power packs!”

These “power packs” are filled with items to make those undergoing chemotherapy a little more comfortable such as journals, phone back-up chargers, beanies and a few other items. What a cool idea!

Thumbs Up Cancer Down Power Pack

These “Power-Up Packs” are available for donation on the Thumbs Up, Cancer Down website! Source.

As many of you will remember our 2016 Fairy Godmother Foundation couple, Rachel and Robert, were selected on behalf of their son having an inoperable brain tumor. Issac has also been a part of Thumbs Up, Cancer Down!

Thumbs Up, Cancer Down founder Kevin Charette with Issac.

Thumbs Up, Cancer Down founder Kevin Charette with Issac. Photo Source

Okay, now how cool is this?!

The Thumbs Up, Cancer Down team has their very own mascot! (They are still accepting name ideas over on their website if you have an idea!)

Thumbs Up, Cancer Down Mascot

Welcome to the 20th Street Cottage, Thumbs Up, Cancer Down!

We are so thrilled to share “the happiest place in Bakersfield” with this amazing team!