What To Expect From Your Event Planner – Fairy Godmother Friday

In a world where you can be anything you want to be, why would you ever be stressed out?!

Event planning can be stressful, we understand, but it doesn’t have to be!

Many reasons that people shy away from the thought of hiring an event planner, or as we here at Fairy Godmother call them “Event Producers,” is the initial cost.

Potential clients see dollar signs and run, but what they don’t understand are the perks and advantages to using a planner- we would have to say that we believe our worth shows in our work!

What are some things that you can expect from your event producer?

First things first, you want commitment. That’s the whole point of this entire day, right? You want an event producer who is willing to sit down and promise to make your day just as you’ve imagined, to the fullest extent of their power. There needs to be a mutual understanding of your expectations and vision, and your planner can either be with you, or maybe they aren’t the best fit.

One of the perks of hiring Fairy Godmother is that our team has SEVEN Fairies who are all working together to make sure your day is a true dream come true!

Secondly, depending on the packages you choose with your event producer- there is vendor coordination! Typically, the client has never had a reason to hire a florist, a caterer or a DJ- this is where your planner comes in! Your planner should be there by your side, not only planning you day, but also working with their fellow creative partners to find the best fit for your event!

The absolute last thing that you want to be doing on the day of your event is trying to wrangle 15 wedding industry professionals making sure that all your ducks are in a row (and your little puppy, too!)… Leave that to the planner. 

Event producers can also help you with those “unique” aspects of your day, whether it be making sure the officiant is dressed in his themed wedding garb or that the street bike is in place for a quick getaway for your couple- it’s a thing and here at Fairy Godmother we are proud to say that we have done it!

While an event planner, or event producer, has many tasks- each planner is different. From your initial consultation all the way to your wedding day, it is important that you cover your bases from the very beginning. While we love surprises, it is vital to have a clear line of communication and understanding between parties.  

If you are thinking of hiring an event producer, contact us at Fairy Godmother and let us make your event day wishes come true!