Why Fairy Godmother? – Fairy Godmother Friday

Do you ever wonder why our clients hire Fairy Godmother?

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What is it that is so appealing? What makes hiring an experienced wedding and event producer worth it? 

Let us share just a few tidbits on why we think people hire Fairy Godmother, it goes far beyond the magic!

California Wedding Day Awards Fairy Godmother

The Fairy Godmother squad when they arrived at the Vibiana

One advantage that Fairy Godmother has in the wedding industry, is that we are a team of event producers! 

No two planners are ever the same, and no two personalities are either.

Fairy Godmother Team Event Producers by Makenzie Photography

We find the best fit for you, you know, you know… Just as Prince Charming did with Cinderella’s slipper, ringing any bells?

Nobody gets left out with the F.G. Squad around!

Every bride should feel like an absolute princess on her wedding day, but what about the groom? Chopped liver? 

Fairy Godmothers are there for the guys, too!

Not with Fairy Godmother! Each wedding has a Fairy Godmother for each soon-to-be! We want to make sure that every need is met with our Fairy Godmother couple, and that expectations are surpassed! 

Still not convinced as to why you need your very own Fairy Godmother team? We believe that we are “fairy” experts in the department of weddings! 

Fairy Godmother Bride Wedding Dress Style

Photo by Valdophye Photography.

To be honest, we have done one or two before, you get to relax knowing that every detail – especially the ones you haven’t thought of yet – have been carefully handled with just a pinch of fairy dust. 

Fairy Godmother Denise

Photo by Boone & Stacie Weddings.

 Here at Fairy Godmother, we take great pride in ourselves on many aspects of this “happy business,” but one of the most valued is our dedication to our client.

We take time through the planning process to not only be your wedding planner but to also be your friend! Therapists, confidants, and best friends… We are with you through it all!

Fairy Godmother Colleen

While your Fairy Godmother is tending to you and your needs from hair and makeup to putting you in your dress, or tux, our amazing team is out checking on your vendors, ensuring decor is exactly as you imagined, and that everything is absolutely perfect! 

Fairy Godmother Team Event Producers by Makenzie Photography

Photo by Makenzie Photography.

Ready to meet up over coffee and let us use our wand on your magical event? Contact us today!