Happy Fairy Godmother Friday!

On Friday’s we love to share a bit about us personally.   With that being said……do you have a favorite color?  I do it is hot pink, because it is bright, fun and full of life.  I like to think I like this color because I am bright, fun and full of life 🙂 well I try to be!  Do you have a second favorite color?  Mine is Yellow because it too is bright, fun and full of life and what I call a “happy” color but most of all because it was my Mom’s favorite color.  We lost our Mom several years ago and to this day when I see yellow I think of her.  So this blog is dedicated to Inez aka Innie who was bright, fun and full of life.  Miss you Mom!!!

Yellow /ˈjÉ›loÊŠ/ is the color of goldbutter, or ripe lemons.[2] In the spectrum of visible light, and in the traditional color wheel used by painters, yellow is located between green and orange.

Yellow is commonly associated with gold, sunshine, reason, optimism and pleasure, but also with envy, jealousy and betrayal. It plays an important part in Asian culture, particularly in China.[3]


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