Client Testimonials

angelaAngela Santiago

“To all the brides and couples that are considering Fairy Godmother as your wedding coordinator, know that it will be one of the best decisions you will make. Their professionalism, confidence, vendor relationships and knowledge of details are amazing! Happily married now, my husband and I agree having Fairy Godmother was the best decision we made and would do it all over again, just as long as our Fairy Godmothers were available!”


arian Arian Hughes

“Fairy Godmother is a first rate wedding planning service! They were with me every step of the way. Colleen’s organizing skills are impeccable! She is sweet and sincere, and has great connections with vendors to suit any budget. My wedding would have fallen apart without her and her team. I recommend Fairy Godmother wholeheartedly!”spacer

andrea Andrea Hootman

“There is no way I could have ever done this without my Fairy Godmother. Her “can do” attitude and amazing personality helped me make it through the big day without worrying about ANYTHING. She made me so very confident in her from the very first time we met. She helped me so much through the whole process from all of the wonderful ideas she was there to help me when I got stuck. I loved how well organized and attention to detail she was. It couldn’t have turned out any better with anyone else. She was the reason my day turned out PERFECT and I will definitely recommend her without hesitation. She is such an amazing person, coordinator and friend. And anybody who is needing a “day-of” coordinator……you will not be disappointed, I promise!”


b_meganMegan Eskew

“As the Fairy Godmother’s very first bride, I have to say I would not have made it through my day without her. Colleen is an amazing person and an incredible coordinator and she will make sure that your day is perfect!! Do not hesitate to use her for your wedding; it will be one of the best choices you make!”

spacer melissa  Melissa Vreeman

“I became engaged to be married to my Best Friend and the Love of my Life on the Fourth of July. I was thrilled to spend the rest of my life with Brian however; I was worried about the stress that is usually associated with planning a wedding. The Fairy Godmother was recommended to me by a friend. I must say, Colleen is a Dream Come True! Although Colleen is a “Day-Of” Coordinator she has helped me with each and every step along the way. She understands our theme, personalities and most importantly our budget. We are getting married in April of 2011 and already everything seems to be coming together….Stress Free!! Thank you, Colleen! -Melissa Vreeman (soon to be Dignan) ”spacer

allisonAllyson Jones

There are NO words that come close to pinpointing how IMPORTANT Fairy Godmother, Colleen Bauer, is to being a part of your wedding planning. There are so many details that can easily slip the mind of a nervous, excited bride-to-be, but with Fairy Godmother on your side you don’t have to worry. She thinks …of everything! Enjoy your wedding day Bride to be. This is YOUR day. Take it all in. Fairy Godmother saved my wedding day… It down poured on my outside reception. But have no worries, Fairy Godmother was there to save the day. She moved the ENTIRE reception inside a closed building within minutes. She was soaking wet by the end of the night but she didn’t care. She did the unthinkable. I thank her every day for what she did for us. She is amazing. You would have to be CRAZY to not book this Fairy Godmother. I HIGHLY recommend her. Any questions, ask me. I’d be more than happy to tell you the many many ways she came to the rescue.”


jennaJenna Foster

“Colleen is the sweetest woman and I definitely recommend her as a wedding coordinator. Having Colleen helped give me (the bride) and more importantly, my mom, peace of mind on the wedding day. We had a blast and got to spend our time having fun and visiting with friends and family instead of worrying about all of the little details. Thank God for Colleen!”spacer

shaynaShayna Chesnut

“My wedding would not have been a wedding without my Fairy Godmother! Colleen is amazing! She is so much more than just the coordinator we had for our wedding she is our new friend!! We love you Colleen and we couldn’t have done it without u!!! xoxox!”


kim1Kim Mendenhall

“I am so excited to have Colleen as my Fairy Godmother! Thank so much for all your help so far Colleen. I know your title says ‘day of’ coordinator, but you do so much prep work that you deserve credit for that as well! You’re awesome!”


jenniferJennifer Rogers

“Thank you soooo much to Denise, Colleen, and Yesi !!! I’m not sure if much of what was planned actually happened. But what I do know is that I was extremely calm through every hiccup. Everyone thought I had taken something or drank something throughout getting me ready. I can thank the Fairy Godmothers for that! Thank you so much for letting me have a great day, and making sure our guests had a great time as well. Having no worries and being able to enjoy myself was priceless. I found out today that the museum has refunded the entire deposit. I was told the venue was left looking beautiful. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!”


eric1Eric Rogers

“Denise and Colleen are a godsend! All we had to do was show up and have fun, they made sure everything and everyone was where they were supposed to be. And if there were any problems, I never even heard about or noticed them. Unfortunately for them, I will never need their services again, but I would highly recommend them to anyone that is getting married. They might be “day-of” coordinators, but they go way above and beyond that. They and the service they provide are priceless! Thank you for everything you did for my wedding. We could not have done it without you. You made the day run so smooth, even with the rain. My mom was able to enjoy the evening knowing that you would handle everything. You are the best wedding coordinator and truly my Fairy Godmother!”


sarahSara Foltin

“Thank you for everything you did for my wedding. We could not have done it without you. You made the day run so smooth, even with the rain. My mom was able to enjoy the evening knowing that you would handle everything. You are the best wedding coordinator and truly my fairy godmother! ”



kim2Kim Mendenhall Freels

“Now that my wedding day has come and gone, I can say without a doubt that hiring Fairy Godmother isn’t… only the way to go, but a necessity! I accidentally put the wrong address on my invites and I didn’t discover that until the morning of. Fairy Godmother had one of their lovely ladies at that wrong address telling guests the correct one. I wasn’t nervous or stressed about anything because I knew I was in the best of hands. Thanks a ton to your team!”